Monday, August 30, 2010

LATE CANT SLEEP! Wanna learn a fun game? CHECK IT!

Didn't do shit but be a lazy bitch all day. Dropped an egg on one of my friends that was funny haha. Followed thru with it :P BTW im getting a camera very soon so expect some funny shit. High point of the day? We played the faggot game haha. Thats always fun. Heres how: Dont gotta be a genius to come up with this one. Just so no one bitches, Faggot in this sense refers to people who have a look that says "Im a super cool guy." You guys know what that look is... Essentially the same thing as fag meaning a loud ass harley rider in south park. Anyway, all you do is drive down the most foot trafficked area of your town, get SCG's attention, and call em fuckin fags. hahah Fun as fuck, and very simple if you ask me. Get creative with it! My personal favorite, is stopping next to a car at a stoplight, getting the person next to you to roll their window down as if to ask for directions, then just call em a fag hahah
Dont get beat up and enjoy!