Monday, September 20, 2010

Sorry I'v been gone everybody

My internet has been out and all the online time I could get I needed to get some homework done. In the meantime, I've been playing Halo Reach, and it sucks dick. Anyone agree?

Monday, September 13, 2010


So we were driving dowwn the street, and there were two hobos on the siddewalk near a deltaco. One was a guy n the other a girl, and they both looked fuckedd up haha. the girl was doing pushups, n the guy was counting loud as fuck low to the ground encouraging her screaming n shit.
it was pretty funny haha
just checkin in hows errboddy

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Restaurant bans screaming kids hahahaha|main|dl3|sec1_lnk1|169714
fuckin hilarious. can they actually do that?

on another note:
Check out my other blog if you haven't already! good music n funny shit

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I pretty much guarantee you fail this

I had to rewind. I didnt believe it haha

Crazy story I heard about some homeless dude around here

So theres this crazy ass lookin homeless guy out here that everyone pretty much knows about. Hes got a huge ass gray beard, wears gray sweatpants, a gray shirt, and has long gray hair with kind of a dreadlock in the middle. Apparently, back in the day this dude was a ballin ass lawyer who lived somewhere in the middle of the country. Family, house, nice ass car all that. Well, he gets in a fight with his wife and he takes off to cali, and during his first week here he tried a drug called datura. Look it up. Dude goes into insane delirium and never came out. Now hes a homeless skitzo crazy ass dude who can only communicate when hes dying of hunger and needs to buy food. But hes rich as shit still and has an undivorced wife and kids. Pretty crazy. Sad as fuck :[
im bored with nothin to do. whats good? hah

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Friends little brother just got outta juvie at midnight

My friend Jazmin has a 16 year old brother that skates, tags, steals shit, breaks shit, just gets in alotta trouble pretty much haha. He has a couple shoplifting charges already and some ditching tickets, but the charge that got em thrown in juvie was hilarious. A gay couple down here called the cops on him for smoking a ciggy outside of school, (summer school) which landed em another ticket. Later that night he went and wrote fags on their windows in spray paint. The fags had cameras, and he was in juvie for 90 days hahaha. sucks dick but straighten up wtf haha

About to buy a new set of gloves

I had a sexy set of lightgloves that got jacked at EDC :[
not cool but whatever. Anyway gonna invest in a new pair pretty soon from liquiemotions. Any suggestions on colors, types etc? im building my own dont want a premade. I put a vid up of a bad ass show on my rave blog check it out. If anyone has question about gloving; tips, lights, good sites, etc ask me. Ill be happy to help

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So I'm deciding on Hard

Wasnt a tough decision. Massive seems like its gonna suck this year for some reason, not to mention the amazing ass lineup hard already has. Plus, the weekend trip out of it almost makes it worth it on its own. Gonna be expensive altogether but go big or go home right? Ill have updated rave info on my other blog.

BTW: My new blog doesnt mean any less activity. Just thought itd be fun to have something to blog about specifically.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hip Hop Lovin

Not much to say right now, just checkin in seein whats up. I was thinkin about what kind of music my followers/people I follow like. I personally like Hip hop more than anything. Anyone have somethin for me to listen to? anything?
Some of my favorite artists aree
atmosphere and murs (Felt)
The Roots

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Startin up a new blog

As you know, I'm a raver, so I'm startin a blog about my rave trips and upcoming plans/info. Check it out!

Anyone seen this?

pretty crazy looking. About time something like this came out. We need some cooler toys hah. Lookin forward to gettin one of these soon hopefullyy. Id just be grabbin sodas n shit fron the other room. somehow. anyway another homework session comin up. ill report back with some good stuff

Saturday, September 4, 2010

In for a long day

Twisitin up and getting ready for a 10hr homework session. Gotta do what you gotta do I guess. Sorry for the low activity, I'll be on to show some love when I'm done!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New extreme sport!

Soooo boring day pretty much. learned about something I definitely need to share/try. Obviously inspired by south park. Its called bum jumping, and the concepts veryyyy simple. Ok, so you go out at night and look for sleeping bums (items/obstacles around them is bonus points), and plan your jump. Get a running start, and clear that fuckin bum, posing in midair for the picture that needs to be taken or else you didnt do it.
not me, but i WILL have pics/vid of this activity very soon


OK, so im a big raver, but unfortunately i dont have the money to go to every one id like to. Next rave is going to be nocturnal, then I have a decision to make. Hard Haunted, or massive?? Massive is first then the next weekend is hard. Im leaning towards hard because its a two day, and the lineups way better. Buttttt its also gonna be twice the money pretty much. Think its worth it?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Have a pic of my snakes on my compy

theyre about 2 feet.

I have a bigger one thats about 4 feetlong. He eats full grown rats pretty crazy. Gave em a bunny one time sick shit hah. Il have pics up soon

Friends Party

One of my good friends birthdays is comin up, and hes going all out on the party. He has a friend that owns a ranch on some private property pretty far away from anything, and he also knows a couple guys that spin. So far the plan is six stages with live djs, indoor and outdoor areas, open bar, pool and hottub. Im sure we wont be able to finish the alcohol thats gonna be there haha. Cant wait its gonna be sick. Boring day.. school and homemwork all day. Skated a little. Whats good with everyone?

League of Legends pissy rant

The game continues to get gayer and im slowly playing less. What the fucks up with the last update?? HOW THE FUCK IS SHACO GONNA GET NERFED SO HARD! AND HEIMER?? in my opinion both characters were perfectly fine, and i'v never played one game with heimer, however shaco is pretty much my main. Unstealth on jack in the box cast? what the fucks the point of that? straight stupid. On top of that his passive has lower damge, higher CDs, Halluc. shaco is weaker and lasts longer, and stealth is shorter. They pretty much took everything they possibly couldve with him and made it worse. Heimer sucks without his 3rd turret from what iv seen. TL;DR Shaco and heimer such, updates constantly suck, the game sucks. Add me wel play. xDizZzY

Monday, August 30, 2010

Time to feed my babiesss

out getting a mouse for my 2 ball pythons. Anyone feel bad?

Back From School

Ditched the 1st day. People have different views on this haha. Bad to ditch the first day, or does it not matter? Question of the year haha. Halfway back to my house i realized my bike was still locked up at the school. Straight up booty... to hot for this shit. Anyway, twistin up a fatty and getting ready to play some league of legends. HOW ARE MY PEOPLES DOIN TODAY?

LATE CANT SLEEP! Wanna learn a fun game? CHECK IT!

Didn't do shit but be a lazy bitch all day. Dropped an egg on one of my friends that was funny haha. Followed thru with it :P BTW im getting a camera very soon so expect some funny shit. High point of the day? We played the faggot game haha. Thats always fun. Heres how: Dont gotta be a genius to come up with this one. Just so no one bitches, Faggot in this sense refers to people who have a look that says "Im a super cool guy." You guys know what that look is... Essentially the same thing as fag meaning a loud ass harley rider in south park. Anyway, all you do is drive down the most foot trafficked area of your town, get SCG's attention, and call em fuckin fags. hahah Fun as fuck, and very simple if you ask me. Get creative with it! My personal favorite, is stopping next to a car at a stoplight, getting the person next to you to roll their window down as if to ask for directions, then just call em a fag hahah
Dont get beat up and enjoy!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fuckin School Starts tomorrow

Plannin on finishing early n moving on pretty quick. Boring day nothin to discuss just been sittin playing monday night combat. Add me for some games leave your gt!

Ok so Tylers been asleep for about 12 hrs

My friends been knocked out on the couch for a good 12 hrs now. He shows no signs of waking up. im thinking an egg to the bare chest?

Upcoming Rave! Nocturnal '10!

This is going to be my one year rave. Since going iv been super into the scene and its been alot of fun. Anyone else plannin to attend?